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Educational Consultant

This comes from "Advising Families on Educational Options" Independent Educational Consultants Association
(IECA) 2000-2001

"Educational consultants are professionals who assist students and families with educational decision making. Their specialized training and experience equip them to help students choose schools, colleges, or programs that meet their individual needs and goals.

Families working with an IECA consultant can expect a professionalatmosphere where discussions focus on the students' strengths and weaknesses, interests and talents, needs and educational objectives. The consultant will recommend options, and help families weigh alternatives of cost, location, curriculum, activities and institutional atmosphere. The consultant will advise families about admissions processes and share information based uponrecent personal visits and experience.

Consultants may specialize in a variety of areas such as school, college, international or summer placements, or placements for students with learning differences or behavioral problems."

If you would feel you might need a consultant, Please send us an email with your address, email, child's name, age and gender as well as a brief description about your child. We will assist you in identifying the most appropriate consultant to help you.

Contact a consultant: Here



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